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240 Devonshire St, Boston, MA 02110
Millennium has maintained a steadfast commitment to nurturing and strengthening connections, a philosophy that resonates vividly within its residences. With expansive floor-to-ceiling panoramic views framing every window, residents seamlessly connect with the dynamic heartbeat of Boston from sunrise to sunset. Beyond the private quarters, The Club, Boston’s largest and most refined amenity space, acts as a communal nucleus, fostering connections among neighbors and offering an array of options for entertainment and relaxation. At ground level, The Connector acts as a unifying space seamlessly blending with Winthrop Center Park, Boston’s latest and most stylish green space, establishing a harmonious link between the urban landscape and natural surroundings.
Key features include an innovative chevron window design that optimizes residential views, ensuring the vibrant energy of Boston is always within sight. The Club stands out as a versatile space, encompassing a restaurant, bar/lounge, game room, library, and more, creating diverse settings for socializing and leisure. The Connector serves as a cultural hub, bringing together the best of Boston’s music, art, and culture to shape a vibrant and interconnected community. In essence, Millennium’s dedication to connectivity transcends the physical structure, creating an environment where residents effortlessly connect with the city, neighbors, and a rich array of amenities that elevate their overall living experience.
With our proprietary ConnexIQ app, residents enjoy seamless 24/7 access to all services and facilities, ensuring convenience is always within reach. The Millennium Edge ensures that every touchpoint is meticulously managed by our dedicated team, ensuring a consistently exceptional experience. From concierge and valet services to door assistance and a comprehensive five-star service experience, every aspect of your stay is thoughtfully crafted to redefine luxury living. At Millennium, we don’t merely provide a residence; we offer an elevated lifestyle that establishes a new benchmark for comfort, service, and sophistication.

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